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Response to Dream Act letter
By Nicole Arias


December 22, 2010

Byron Whitesides wrote a derogatory letter that disgusted me. He claims that it would be a threat to the country if the Dream Act was passed. That's not true. It would only be a threat to you, Byron, if you didn't do what you had to when you were in school to ensure that your job was secure. We are always going to be competing for jobs in this world. Will you blame the illegal immigrants on the poor status of the economy?

If you did pay attention in school you would know that that's exactly how Hitler took control of Germany and started the Holocaust, a mass genocide of Jews. He blamed everything on them. That is exactly what you and other "Patriots" are doing. That is why I am admitting to my status.

Byron Whitesides did not think about many things. I wonder what kind of grades this man made in school or how hard he worked. I am working my butt off for my education, so if the senators listen to this guy everything I've done would be for nothing. I really want a future where I can drive, vote, and, most importantly, go to college.

Don't listen to him; support the Dream Act!!!

Nicole Arias
Houston, TX

About: "An illegal immigrant who is currently in high school. By the way, GPA is 4.22."

Received December 20, 2010 - Published December 22, 2010


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