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RE: Stimulate not Obliterate
By Robert S. Jones


December 15, 2009
Tuesday AM

Ms. Green's letter brought to light some very serious concerns that need to be addressed regarding Ketchikan Public Utilities / Telephone Division.

Another issue I am curious about ... Ketchikan Public Utilities Customer Service! These are the 'front line' of the Utilities! Yet, they are SERIOUSLY underpaid. I would ask that you look at the high rate of turnover! It might be interesting to hear input from those leaving the Utility, and those transferring out of Customer Service and their reasons!

In the late nineties, under the 'leadership' of Mary Sue Wright (deceased) the KPU Customer Service 'area' underwent a MAJOR and MUCH NEEDED remodeling. What was the cost of that remodeling? This year, that same department was relocated to "The Mall". Yes, that is where the competition has their offices, but, has that move proven cost effective, even at this early date? I think the 'rate payers' should be asking them selves why spend funds for a remodeling, on property that is City owned, only to have that department relocated to property that the 'rate payers' have to pay rent for?

As for the marketing department ... THREE new hires? And what is the total benefit package costing? And has the Utility seen an increase in revenue?

There are MANY questions that need to be examined regarding Ketchikan Public Utilities / Telephone Division! In this day of extremely rapidly advancing telecommunications can the future KPU Telecommunications be 'put on the desk' of a person who is also trying, and does his best, to lead Ketchikan through these difficult times?

Thank you,

Robert S. Jones
Retired Ketchikan Public Utilites Employee
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Former Ketchikan resident ... 27 years; Former Ketchikan Public Utilities/Telephone Division Employeed ... 10 years ... retired"

Received December 11, 2009 - Published December 15, 2009


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