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Response to "Expense of Running a Local Business"
By Vincent Borelli


December 26, 2007

Ouch! it is quite obvious I struck a nerve on this one. As I stated I don't want to offend anyone, just open your eyes. Does a non-biased, third party, citizens OPINION get you that worked up? Should we not make observations?

While I may not have or will likely open a business in Ketchikan I have owned a business before. I didn't say EVERY business in Ketchikan was "ripping off their neighbor" and do apologize if YOU took it that way. I suggested that in my opinion, due to variations in prices of "LIKE" items/services, and the fact that many local people believe in "buying local", it seems like this innocent vulnerability of Ketchikan's consumers, by lack of choice, may have set a precedence of getting taken advantage of and if the situation arises, ask questions. It also is arrogant presumption that this pertains to every business, everytime. I did also mention some of my personal experiences here and it doesn't take every person/consumer, to walk a mile in anyones shoes, to figure out if they are getting good service. I do understand there are expenses to a business that most consumers know nothing about but... that is why I, as a new person to Alaska, heard about and believed in the percentage rule to living and buying here not large pricing variations that it APPEARS like some businesses have. Why do many people buy on the internet. Is is solely because they can't get it here or because they can get it cheaper? Do you buy EVERYTHING here in town for your personal use? Also, I don't mind paying a higher price because I wouldn't assume it costs the same to get supplies in "K-Town" as it does anywhere else, or to get "Volume Discounts" but I would presume the service would be just as good as anywhere else if not better. SO FAR, for the sevices mentioned in my previous letter, I haven't experienced it yet! It sure does make you wonder about where all this tax money goes?? I thought "Donations" were a tax write-off for a business?

No, it wouldn't do the community any good for me to open a business here and besides, it sounds like too much "Red Tape" AGAIN, I do not want to offend anyone and point taken. I just offered the other side of the coin, PEACE.

Vincent Borelli
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 19, 2007 - Published December 26, 2007


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