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Expensive running a local business
By Susan Bachant


December 19, 2007
Wednesday AM

In response to the letter signed Vincent Borelli, I would like to suggest to him that it would be helpful to both himself and the community if he would start a local business. Then he would have the opportunity of seeing first hand how expensive it is to do business and that the local business owners are not running around ripping off our friends and neighbors. And I don't mean work for a local business as a manager. I mean be the one who's actually responsible for how the money is spent and be the one who has to sign the checks that go out to pay for the business' expenses.

There are things that factor into the retail price of an item. Things like the higher wages we give our employees for living in K-town (not many people in K-town make minimum wage, but they do in the lower 48). The cost of the workers comp insurance, the taxes we pay, the insurance on the building, the heat, the electricity, any equipment we might need (oh and the taxes that the borough makes us pay just for having that equipment each and every year) the cost of the item, and yes the shipping to actually get it here to name a few. There is also the fact that our volumes here are not as high as a retailer in the lower48 and so we don't get the volume discounts that they do at Walmart, Costco, Bestbuy, etc. .

And let's not forget the donations. How many of our local business give to the kids organizations (Soccer, Little League, BBall, wrestling, K-Highlights, Cheer team, Schoenbar teams, Seniors, yearbooks, boys & girls clubs, Youth Court, BBBS,etc.) the fire dept, the police dept, the local schools, the state troopers, the rotary club, the nonprofit organizations, the churches, and everyone else out there who has their hand out asking for assistance? How many thousands of dollars have you donated to these organizations this year Mr Borelli?

My point here? Until you have walked a mile in my shoes, please don't just assume that I am out to take my friends for all they are worth.

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lived in K-town for 15 years and got a real eye opener when I saw first hand how much it costs to do business anywhere."


Received December 17, 2007 - Published December 19, 2007

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