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Buy Local and Road Maintenance
By Vincent Borelli


December 17, 2007
Monday AM

I moved to Ketchikan about a year ago and want to say that the people are warm and friendly. It is a pleasure to chat with most anyone in the commmunity and feel that Ketchikan has a unique beauty. The community is refreshing compared to many other places in the US.

Myself and family were somewhat shocked by the variation in prices throughout the local merchants with like items, especially my wife. On our first food shopping trip, my wife nearly had an MI when she saw the prices in the local grociery store. We had often heard of a 25% rule with prices in Alaska, depending on location, but some of the prices were 100% higher, or more, depending on the item. Why is that? Whether it is a jar of olives or OJ it still has to be shipped up just like anything else! I have seen OJ at up to $7.00 a half gallon!! They don't ship it in from Florida do they? Why isn't everything the same percentage higher?
Then, you go to several stores to get different items that are on sale and even then you have to watch the sale prices. What I am trying to say is shopping for food becomes a complicated game and who is the winner?

I grew up in a community much like Ketchikan in a little town in northern NYS. I am familiar with some of the social norms of a small town and understand the term "Buy Local" but I am getting the feeling that everyone who has lived in Ketchikan doesn't even realize that their so called friends and neighbors are ripping off the public just because people expect to pay more in Alaska. Restaurant food here is OUTRAGEOUS and the service, well..... I don't think it would be a bad thing to "Raise The Bar" by asking for and demanding things to be done right. I am sick and tired of ordering a steak, asking for a description, order it medium rare, and when it comes I get an excuse why it is half the thickness I was told and cooked well done!

Most every item or service is way higher than expected and it is because nobody questions why! From our history as Americans I am sure many positive changes came about because someone asked "Why" and didn't settle. I would bet the quality of life in Ketchikan would NOT change if we all of us tried not to rip-off our fellow neighbors and friends.

The Road Construction is very interesting. I have seen the same sections of the road dug up, buried over, and dug up again oh, let's say about 4 times maybe. Does the city understand what Quality Assurance is? Is this free? Oh, I get it, your conducting road construction research for the State of Alaska!

I actually feel sorry for some of those people that hold stop signs and direct traffic. They have to see the same citizens, many of which I am sure they know, drive over and around the same mess several times. It might be time to think about putting a bag over your head with slits for eyes. Was it planned that way? Who is the Engineer in charge?

I sincerely hope I haven't offended anyone because this letter wasn't ment to do that. I just wanted to open everyones eyes up a little say "stand up for being a member of the community". "Stand up for what is right".

Vincent Borelli
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 14, 2007 - Published December 17, 2007


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