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Sports fields
By Rebecca Clark


December 19, 2007
Wednesday AM

I would like to say that I am not opposed to having new fields in our town, Ms. Olmstead! I enjoy watching my children play sports very much! No, I don't enjoy watching them get "hurt". However, if a field of grass is necessary, maybe a professional can "git 'r done" this time (eg. Weiss field)!

Sure, an indoor sports arena sounds awesome (in response to Billy Johnson)! Probably impossible in Ketchikan..... Ice skating, ice hockey, excellent! It would be something more for the hundredrs of teens and families in this town to do (as a leisurely activity without competition) besides hang out at Mcdonalds now that the bowling alley is gone! Oh but wait; this involves an inherent risk that may send someone to the ER with a MSRA infection!! Please, I can't even send my child to school without the risk of her getting MRSA!! There are risks involved with any sport: concussions, fractures, breaks, sprains, and yes even infections! These are risks most athletes are willing to take. Yes, there are more risks on a gravel field. We are not blind to that fact.

I heard the Borough is meeting this evening to talk about budget spending on the Transit system. Let me just say this, "Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a bus system that is empty half the time, why not invest in the Borough Parks and Rec FIELDS?"

Another thing; can you tell me where the $4,900 that I'm taxed on as a home owner goes every year? My residential road is not maintained, there are no street lamps in our neighborhood, and I don't see the Borough breaking their neck to spend it on the FIELDS that our "SCHOOL" children use on a daily basis!

Rebecca Clark
Ketchikan, AK

Received December 17, 2007 - Published December 19, 2007

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