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If you build it . . . . they won't come!
By Billy Johnson


December 17, 2007
Monday AM

In regards to the recently letter about building a new soccer field:

1. Instead of begging for money from the city or state, how about fund the upgrades yourself? You've been provided with a playing field. Instead of living on handouts, go out and fund raise. Take pride in ownership. Get some corporate sponsors, round up parents/coaches/kids for volunteer work and fund raising duties. Taking ownership will give the players, fans, coaches and parents pride and respect for what they achieved working together as a team!

2. Despite playing on Norman Walker and Dudley fields, baseball and softball have never had a problem getting Juneau and Sitka to come to Ketchikan for games. Soccer's problem isn't the field. No offense, but it's because of competition ­ or lack there of. I'm not sure that we've ever beaten Juneau in high school soccer? If we start putting out a competitive team that can hang with Juneau, then they will spend the thousands of dollars it takes to travel here to play.

3. Concerning playing on crappy fields . . . again, the youth/high school baseball, softball and football teams have played on terrible fields. Yet, I see our baseball team winning Southeast and State titles. Last year our high school softball team won the state championship. Our Senior League baseball team won the State championship. Playing on a terrible field didn't prevent those sports from having success . . . why does it hurt soccer so much?

I guess my main point is that instead of whining about the field conditions and begging for money, I'd rather see the soccer world DO something about it. Take control. Stop blaming everything and everybody else for your lack of success. Juneau doesn't beat us because they have a better field. We beat them in baseball. We beat them in wrestling. We beat them in softball. Sitka's baseball field is in worse condition than Norman Walker, but they've won three consecutive state championships!!!

I've found in my life that success doesn't come from buying better equipment, playing weaker opponents, having nicer uniforms, etc. Success comes from working harder and taking ownership of what you are doing.

Just my two cents. And yes, I'd be willing to donate a few bucks or buy a raffle ticket if it meant helping out the soccer folks.

Billy Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "30 year Ketchikan resident"

Received December 11, 2007 - Published December 17, 2007


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