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Passport Information
By Jackie Williams


December 21, 2005
Wednesday PM

Dear Editor,

In response to Neil Gray's request for information regarding travel through Canada and the need for a passport. Everything one needs to know and more can be found at:

This is the Department of State's web site where one can get information about the dates and current laws regarding travel between countries. As well as the passport application form, find out where your local passport office is (for all states) and how to get a certified birth certificate from the state you were born in.

As I understand, one will need a passport to travel between Canada and Mexico by December 31, 2006. In reality the border agent who you are interacting with has to make an informed decision whether to let someone into "their country," or not.

For those who read this and intend to acquire a passport soon, I respectfully request that you do not overwhelm your local passport office. Go to the web site, become informed, completely and properly fill out the application online or print it out and complete. Get
"all" the required documentation, photos, and fees (two - paid to different entities) in order before contacting your local passport acceptance office, or they will send you back to get it all!


Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Jackie Williams is a citizen of Ketchikan, Alaska, and an active voter. She has been a resident of Alaska for 16 years.


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