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By Neil Gray


December 20, 2005
Tuesday PM

I hate to steer away from the 30 year old discussion of a bridge to Gravina, but another hot topic has been addressed to travelers in Canada and the Lower 48. I would like some factual information and background on this.

What is all this hoopla about passports being needed to travel between Alaska and Candada? I have read various theories on it, and conversed with others. However, nobody tells the same story. What's up?

I have contacted Senators Murkowski and Stevens' office, and Congressman Don Young. However, I have had no response yet.

Can anybody shed any intelligent facts on this?

Thank you.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA

P.S. No Christmas tree in Ketchikan? Go Jacuie Meck. I agree with you. There's still a 4th of July Parade isn't there?


About: Neil Gray first moved to Ketchikan in 1971, and last moved away in 1992. Most of that time was spent as Program Director, Manager, and Morning Show on KTKN Radio. He was also Manager of Ketchikan Bowling Center. Gray says he still considers Ketchikan as a "Home Town" as he spent one third of his life here.


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