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No lack of room for expansion in Ketchikan
By Charlotte Tanner


December 18, 2005

Regarding Governor Frank Murkowski's comments, I am a longtime resident of Ketchikan, I haven't noticed any lack of room here. I do know that Mr. Murkowski owns land right at the terminus of this proposed bridge. In my opinion that qualifies Mr. Murkowski as a a special interest person. In addition it is very easy to promise full state support when the funds are not coming out of HIS pocket, just as the funds for the governor's jet did not come out of HIS pocket.

I would appreciate it if the governor would answer Peg Travis' questions, instead of mischaracterizing the importance of this bogus bridge. There is nothing about it that is critical to the economic health of the residents of Ketchikan, indeed, if one were to examine the situation very closely, it would probably be found that the building of this bridge may well be very UNHEALTHY to the economic and physical health of the residents of Ketchikan.

Sort of like the remodeling of Schoenbar Middle School.

Charlotte Tanner
Ward Cove, AK - USA


About: Charlotte Tanner came to Ketchikan in 1968 on the M/V Wickersham. She lived in Petersburg for 16 years, and returned to Ketchikan in 1994. She has raised two children who are now in college, and are members of KIC. Tanner is a retired fisherperson, an artist, she has two dogs and she's a gardener.


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