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Knik and Gravina Fully Supported
By Gov. Frank H. Murkowski


December 17, 2005

It would appear that the special interest groups and Outside media have moved on to other things now that they've done their best to mischaracterize two important bridge projects here at home. We know the truth about the importance of the Knik Arm Crossing and the Gravina Island access projects, which is why I am proposing full state support. Quite simply, Anchorage and Ketchikan are out of room and these projects are critical for their future growth. They serve as important shipping and regional hub communities and these two bridge projects are critical to the economic health of their respective residents. I am asking all Alaskans to speak out the next time special interest groups are quoted as labeling these projects a "Bridge to Nowhere." They don't know the issue.


Note: Frank H. Murkowski is the governor of Alaska.


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