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by Morgan Effenberger


December 09, 2004

Thank you Mr. Stanton, for making an excellent point. Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball have done everything possible to make sure that the Community has ample opportunity to receive training and become certified in their sport of choice at minimal cost to themselves. However, very few people are willing to "step up" and become certified to officiate in their sport. The same people who love to criticize the officials before during or after games, or think it's humorous when their children are, are the same ones that don't want to put a whistle on themselves. Listening to Moms & Dads yell "three seconds" or whatever during a game makes my skin crawl, as they almost never know what they are talking about, and you can bet they have never even seen a rule book.

Volunteer Coaches, Officials, Monitors are taking time away from THEIR kids, and THEIR loved ones so that they can help facilitate teams & games for someone else's children. We are not looking for compliments, pats on the backs, etc. We know we are not going to get every call right, but the point is WE ARE THERE SUPPORTING YOUTH ATHLETES. We know that as long as they are in the gym or on the field they are not somewhere else possibly making poor choices.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful Parents and Coaches and Players that show their appreciation to officials by making sure their players are respectful, and taking the extra 5 seconds after a game to thank the officials.

Morgan Effenberger
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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