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by Loren Stanton


December 09, 2004

This fall as with any other fall; soccer matches were played, basketball games were started, swimmers met, volleyballs were hit, cross country runners ran, wrestlers met on the mat, and other sports entered and left the field of play.  None of this could have happened without many volunteers of all shapes and sizes.  One of the goals of any referee is that they will not be the deciding factor in any contest but that they can level the playing field, make the contest fair, and do their best and walk away knowing that they helped all the participants enjoy a few hours of competition.  Hopefully you thanked the referees and judges for their participation. What would coaches be without referees? What would players do without referees?
What the community needs to know is that we always need people to step up and become referees.  Soccer has three seasons in Ketchikan.  Soccer referees are needed for the fall recreational season, the indoor season and the spring high school and middle school season.   Yes you have to take a three day class and yes you have to pass a test!  That is true for other sports as well. If you are in need of some exercise and enjoy participating in a sport consider volunteering your time and become a referee.  If not, well I suggest you thank the referees after every game, match and lap.  Thank you referees!!!  
Loren Stanton
Ketchikan, AK - USA

PS In the interests of disclosure, I am biased as I am a soccer referee.


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