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Call me a slowpoke
by Charlotte Glover


December 08, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

I'm enjoying the lively discussion about driving. I'm with Kara....all the merging lanes in the west end have just brought out the worst in people. Merchants take that we have the bypass, I avoid that shopping area because I am sick of trying to squeeze in between the big trucks next to me with a foggy rear view.

And, yes, people do get run over in Ketchikan many times a year. In the fourteen or so years that I have lived here, I have personally known four people who have been hospitalized (some with lasting injuries) because of being run over and I have heard stories of countless others. That seems statistically hugh to me given the size of our community. Talk to any ER doctor and you'll know what I say it true. I wish the local media would cover these stories to alert folks to the very real danger and consequences of driving too fast around here.

I have had numerous close calls myself with folks turning blind corners at breakneck speed, children wearing dark clothes, cannery workers dashing across the street, and people on bikes zipping around. Call me a slowpoke if you want, but I would rather not have a death or serious injury on my conscience because I couldn't spare five minutes or was too busy talking on my cell phone to pay, I don't have one and I can't imagine driving with one.

And if anyone can tell me what the speed limit really is on South Tongass, I would appreciate it, because to my eye the darn posted limit changes evey half mile. Given the road construction, ridges in the road and changes in temperature, I just take it easy and enjoy the ride. At the end of my life, I doubt I'll wish I had driven faster.

Happy Holidays,

Charlotte Glover
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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