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Don't ride my bumper
by Robert McRoberts


December 01, 2004

I am sure glad Mark doesn't work on the south end of town!

Over the last few years, the road is really starting to hurt my back. I really think that the state needs to lower the speed limit to 35 all the way to the end of the road. It is in no way safe at 45 miles an hour. Yeah, there are still the speeders who must drive that fast and faster! That keeps the auto shops busy or autos are left just parked along the side the road. 

If you get behind me and ride my bumper you better start pushing cause I will slow down just to tick you off. If you stay back I will let you have your chance to go when it's safe.

If I could only sue the state for a few million for my back hurting so much I would grind it down and repave the road myself. No on second thought, I would not! I would just move out of town and be happy till it's gone.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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