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Re: Crabby
by Dawna Vigil


December 01, 2004

I very much agree with Christyne. This is an all too common thing in Ketchikan. For those of you that know me personally, you know why I am responding to this.

The guy that got you pregnant doesn't care at all for his girlfriend. If he did he would have never been sleeping with you. A large amount of 'boys' in Ketchikan feel as though they need to sleep around, get girls pregnant and then leave the responsibility of raising that child to the mother.

Do you all realize how many STD's are out there? Not to mention HIV and AIDS.

You need to look into all the options you have. You are still very young. You have many things in life to look forward to. There is more to life than just what there is to offer in Ketchikan.

Take care of yourself. And if you are still in a 'relationship' with this guy, cut it off. You will always be the girl on the side. You know what I mean.

Dawna Vigil
Yorktown, VA - USA


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