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RE: Gas Price Gouging
By Zak Young


November 30, 2008

Are we still stuck on the fact that Palin is the whipping girl?? Are we still bringing her up as the cause of everything negative that we do not agree with??  For You... Ms. Lester, it seems so!!

I TOTALLY agree with you on 3 points in your letter. 

1.) Gas is WAY TOO HIGH!!
2.) It IS in fact cheaper to run an electric heater than propane or oil right now. 
3.) SOMEONE is making bank off of us by keeping gas and fuel prices so high.

Wasn't it just a couple months ago that national news agencies reported Exxon making "Record profits" for one quarter. If I remember correctly, they CLEARED, Profited, however you wanna look at it, over $15 BILLION!!  Yes, Billion with a B! And we're still paying over 4 a gallon??

With all of that said, Sarah Palin is NOT the cause of gas being so expensive here, as the prices havent gone down much more in the rest of this state. Anchorage is still WAY above the national average of $1.81 a gallon. Fairbanks is above Anchorage, and from my experience in living in this state for 32 years now, those are typically the cheapest 2 places to buy fuel products in this state.  There is NOTHING Sarah Palin on her own can do. There is NOTHING Sarah Palin can say. There is NOTHING Sarah Palin can write, sign or any other number of verbs that can be inserted here, to lower our gas prices.  So Please, for the love of God, STOP bashing Palin! The election is over. There is nothing more to do, nothing more to say, nothing more to think. All that is accomplished when Sarah Palin is badmouthed, is the offending party shows the entire world just how much they are stuck in the past. 

What CAN be done, is Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, Klawock, Craig, any number of towns, villages, and locations in the whole of Southeast Alaska, and across the entire state, need to STOP BUYING GAS until prices come down. Another thought is to go buy your own property and open up your own gas station. Hmmm....$1.99/gallon at Zak's Quick Stop sure sounds a HELL of a lot better than $3.79 at various places in town now!!  And I guarantee you if you sell $2 gas, you will make more money than the other guys combined!!  You could also move out of state and get your national gas price average at your local Mom and Pop Gas Stop.

Sarah Palin is NOT the problem. Greed, The Love of Money, the Screwing of fellow residents...THATS the problem. Gas prices will come down, but only if we do the right thing.

Zak Young
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ketchikan Resident for 4 years. Alaskan Resident for 32."

Received November 28, 2008 - Published November 30, 2008


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