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Stop the blame game
By Michelle Fry


November 12, 2007
Monday AM

This is in response to "If you really want to save the bears" by Denise Jausoro. While I do understand and sympathize with your situation I have to side with the bear on this one.

You claim this bad bear behavior is the fault of those who "feed" them by leaving food in garbage cans or on decks. What is the difference between that and leaving two cases of apples in your vehicle? A bear is not capable of reasoning. Therefore, I find it ridiculous that you would claim a bear, not satisfied with the apples, would then decide to destroy the interior of your vehicle for no apparent reason. I ask you this, what is the difference between a bear going after two cases of apples in a car and a drug addict going after two cases of cocaine in a car?

I had bear/garbage issues my first spring/summer in Ketchikan. It took some time to understand and learn what I needed to do but now it's all about passing through, not trash picking. This is not a bear problemthis is ignorance on the part of humans. The only resolution is to claim responsibility and then educate ourselves as well as our community. You give readers some good advicebut are you yourself hearing it?

For some interesting bear facts visit the following site:

Michelle Fry
Ketchikan, AK

Received November 10, 2007 - Published November 12, 2007


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