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Bridges in Alaska are just as important as elsewhere
By Ed Brown


November 28, 2006
Tuesday AM

Dear Mr. Glenn, Hoff,etc.: I am the same age as Mr. Hoff, it seems we both graduated KAYHI IN 1972. Mr Glenn does not give us a clue as to his age or experience nor does he give good enough reasoning for the statement of USA owning a bridge that has really been paid for by AK. "Our bridges" have been paid for by Our Alaska oil that benefits New York and Tennessee,California and all other oil using states.

I worked in Valdez when the first barrel of Alaskan oil made it there through the pipeline when it was finished. And since then we have had oil pumped on an average over 500,000 barrels a day for 28 years. Nearly 12,000 days we have pumped oil to all these other states. Our state has provided 15-20% of the domestic oil for almost 3 decades. How many billions of barrels does it take to pay for $300 million bridge? At $60 dollars a barrel it would not take long.

Alaska statehood was agreed upon and voted for when the USA govt. promised that AK could develop its oil to pay for its own government. We own this AK Government and have paid for it with our oil resource. And because we the people of Alaska have provided our resource to fuel the economies of all 50 states, do we now own the lower 48 too? Mr. Glenn and Hoff have their own ideas for this Alaska neither of which live here. Maybe we Alaskans should start thinking for them and save their environment and resources too. Maybe we should demand that they give up 85% of their state for our National parks. New York city wilderness. Now we are starting to become like them. NOT!!!

I personally refuse to impose my ideas on others who live elsewhere when it comes to personal,city or states rights.

Bridges in Alaska are just as important as elsewhere. Even New York and Tenn. were also "nowhere" a long time ago. My personal advice to both these out of staters would be to build bridges and not burn them.

You two wanna be Alaskan pretenders are still outsiders until you move back. Your domain is now somewhere else. Keep your ideas there please. We live here and have our own ideas. Move back if you want to be taken seriously.

Ed Brown

Received November 26, 2006 - Published November 28, 2006

About: "Born in and Family ties to Ketchikan before statehood "


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