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By Al Johnson


November 24, 2006
Friday PM


Aaaa, the naively of youth. How innocent. Mr.Peter Stanton, yet of 15 years of age, in such a simplistic way, nails the the bridge issue. Sad, Mr. Stanton has yet to learn of "Cabals". Is it true? Ketchikan has none.

Yep! No argument with Mr. Kiffer's statement. "The commission members did the job that the voters asked them to do, plain and simple."

Thank you again, Mr. Dial. You are a light at end of a "Evil Cabal" tunnel.

May all of your "Cabals" be happy ones.

Al Johnson
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 24, 2006 - Published November 24, 2006

About: Long time "Squinty eyed" resident. Suspect of those wanting to do unprovoked good on my behalf -- likes ferry boats, airport and otherwise.


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