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Applaud you for speaking up
By Christa & Britt Henderson


November 08, 2005

Boy, did you open a can of worms. I am reading Sitnews and amazed at how many times people come to resent a person who is empowered enough to open their mouths with an opinion about how the community is organized. I feel for you. Britt and I had only taken the girls to Jackson street once during our stay there, and I kept saying, How do the residents do this every year? I think it is brave of you to say something while those around you seem to be reticent to do the same. Of course, Val, maybe it's just you..... doubt it though.

I think it would be great if different communities or streets would take on Halloween each year. Let Forest Park do it next year and Bear Valley, etc. after that. It seems odd that a community as unique and special as Ketchikan doesn't have an organization for neighborhoods? This could be something that easily could be started, it also could help in the safety of the neighborhoods as well. Perhaps it would be a natural extension of a neighborhood watch or something of the sort.

I applaud you for speaking up and making the community (Ketchikan and elsewhere) understand what it is like to live on your street.

This year we wanted to walk with our kids. Instead of missing out on all the fun, I put all the candy I bought into a huge bowl and walked around offering trick or treats for adults and kids alike!

Miss you all, Ketchikan!

Christa & Britt Henderson
Fort Dix, NJ - USA


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