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RE: Roundlog exports
by Jim Tuttle


November 09, 2004

Reading the comments of Mike Sallee and Chris Whilhelm, about contrived concerns for the end-use benefit of logging on Mental Health ground in this area, demonstrates the total lack of understanding that they have for how basic economics function in the southeast Alaska timber industry. Mr. Wilhelm states that Alaska "should offer incentives" to local mills to make them competitive with lower 48 mills for out timber resources. That means state subsidies, and there's NO WAY the state should be subsidizing ANY industry that's quite capable of carrying its own weight. In case he doesn't know it the state has no money... we've been taking from our savings account for the last several years just to balance the state budget. Mental Health has it right; sell the resource for the best benefit and highest return for the state of Alaska and displace the lower 48 competition in a market that they can't compete with us in, the export market.

Jim Tuttle
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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