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RE: Permanent Fund

By Jim Dornblaser


October 31, 2015
Saturday PM

Ms. Lankerd & all interested; A public vote seems the democratic way, BUT would only be fair if all interested parties had a vote.

To you with multiple dependents, some new born or pre-school, their future is what you want to spend RIGHT NOW. If you have multiple dependents, you are voting for all them with only one vote.

Our permanent fund was originated from oil royalties surplus along with a state savings account. The surplus money (oil glut) was split between the state gov. & the people.

The perm. fund didn't get all the oil money, the general fund (via legislative vote) has been tapping their "oil surplus" savings & now that their fiscal planning on our behalf has proved wasteful or extravagant (not within a manageable budget) they look for ways to continue the wasteful ways that they have created by expecting the oil boom to last forever.

We all need to call ALL our legislators in Juneau & let them know;

• Hands off the perm. fund, it was not intended for just today's fancies!
• It is for all future Alaskans (an offset to our high cost of living)
• The quickest & surest way to political suicide is "mess with the PFD".

I can't see anyone wanting a quick buyout unless it's a "temp" with plans to leave here.

In closing, let me say that on the surface for me personally a buy-out would be attractive because I am 74 & can't expect many more dividends.

BUT, don't we all have a responsibility to our future generations?

Jim Dornblaser
(Who would like to leave something here instead of debt, as our fed. gov. has) Ketchikan, Alaska


Received October 31, 2015 - Published October 31, 2015

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