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Cruise ships and crossing guards
By Art Bailly


October 10, 2011

Regarding Mr. LeCompte's letter, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is it's private companies (cruise ships and vendors / excursion tours) wanting a place to do their business out of the rain. It's a private business matter not a City of Ketchikan matter to fund. It's not the city's responsibility to pay for or construct a place for private vendors to do their business.

I for one think our city tax dollars need to be spent elsewhere and I am against any of my tax dollars going to pay for a shelter for a private business to do their work unless they are charged a fee to use it. Which leads me to the other reply about crossing guards.

It's not my job to persuade the city to protect our children it's the city council's job to see that it gets done. I did what I could to bring it to their attention now they need to act. If it were up to me the crosswalks would already be up, but because of ridiculous requests -- like building a shelter for private businesses -- coming up it will never happen.

Pretty sad to say that people worry more about building a shelter for business persons to do their work out of the rain than about the safety of our children.

Not only that, I don't pay taxes to build a place for any private business to work. That's the responsibility of the business owner

We need to get our priorities straight.

Art Bailly
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 08, 2011 - Published October 10, 2011

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