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Focus on issue being debated
By Lexie Jones


October 04, 2008

While I love to throw my support towards an issue I believe in and I look forward to an intelligent debate, I typically do not write letters to the editor. Simply because people cannot seem to keep their discussion soley based toward the issue being debated.

A perfect example is Randy Lake's response to Tom Ferry's letter. While I agree that Mr. Ferry tends to go overboard on his defense/opinion of whatever issue he is writing about, I wonder why Mr. Lake felt the need to personally attack Mr. Ferry instead of just attacking his viewpoint? Does Mr. Lake feel that insulting a letter writer with juvenile names somehow makes his opinion more relevant? Does calling Mr. Ferry names and implying that he has never read a hard cover book make Mr. Lake feel superior or that Mr Ferry has no right to state his own opinion? I just don't get it. Reactions and respones like Mr. Lakes are why I usually do not write letters to the editor. We need to attack the issue - not the person.

But my real reason for submitting this letter is to say how repulsed I am by some of the comments concerning vice president candidate Sarah Palin. Charlotte Tanner is a well known Republican hater, and I'm sure she's enjoyed many a fun night with Mayor Weinstein at a KRBD function or the Monthly Grind. I rarely agree with anything she writes, but I typically respect the passion she has to stand up for her beliefs. What repulses me are the physical attacks that Tanner and a couple other writers make about Gov Palin. As a fellow woman, I find it disgusting to see another female make disparaging remarks against a woman running for vice president (or in any position, for that matter) based on her looks!!! As we fight and struggle for women's rights, equal pay for the same work, we fight for women to make their name in the business and politic world - two areas generally dominated by men . . . comments insinuating that Palin was only picked as a potential VP because of her attractiveness is an insult to ALL women in the world.

We teach our children NOT to judge people by their looks. Yet Mrs. Tanner implies that Palin is only reached her position because of her "pretty face" and "the lipstick applied to it." Comments like that only set the women's movement back. Feel free to dislike Gov Palin, but at least do so because of valed reasons.

While people like Mrs. Tanner may not be able to judge somebody in the political avenue by their past, reputation, actions, ideas and vision other than thinking that all Republicans are evil and all Democrats are good . . . . I hope the rest of you will not be close-minded and tied exclusively to your party's line!

When you cast your vote for president, please do so based on who you think will be the best leader of our country for the next four years - regardless if they are a republican or democrat. PLEASE do not base your vote on whether they are pretty or attractive, but instead on what you feel they have to offer the citizens of the United States and world.

I'm already anticipating a response from the Tanners and Lakes of the world. Hopefully they can stick to the topic and my opinions, rather than making person attacks against me, or impressing each other by coming up with sarcastic comments about my intelligence or writing level. Thank you!

Lexie Jones
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lifetime lover of those who treats others with respect. 20 year Ketchikan resident"

Received October 02, 2008 - Published October 04, 2008


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