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Out of touch
By Randy M Lake


October 01, 2008

Regarding Mr. Ferry's letter, I am only a two year resident of Ketchikan, and am a semi retired tax accountant as well as a former IRS auditor and a former Military Policeman. If I had to guess, based on Mr. Ferry's rather simplistic and naive, rambling and generalization ridden, misinformed spiel that between us, only I have read a book with a hard cover.

The blame game you play with no respect for anyone in the center let alone Democratic is silly and uneducated. The infrastructure and health care and education funds so desperately needed in Alaska will only be championed by Democrats. The issue of the bridge has seen Sarah speak out of both sides of her mouth and our congressional delegation, all of them in some degree of hot water was gutless to speak up. whether you are for or agin it (sic) it was never a road to nowhere, our airport and any room for growth is there with it. Instead half those funds went to Palin's home town.

However, the current financial mess we face is caused by many good old greedy boys of your ilk. Clinton added his part insisting that loans be made available to people that could not qualify for real estate loans, but the bulk of the mess came from Republican driven Deregulation.

As to favorite daughter, Princess Palin, she is sadly out of her league. Is under ethics investigation for good reason, as is Stevens. Stevens, on the basis of simple Income Tax fraud is guilty. In fact it is one of the most obvious cases of fraud any auditor is likely to come across in an entire career.

Simply put you sir are blaming the wrong folks, ignoring rampant political corruption in this beautiful State and sadly out of touch., because of in Southeast Alaska, irresponsible.

Randy M Lake
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 01, 2008 - Published October 01, 2008


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