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Road to nowhere
By Tom Ferry


September 25, 2008

It was interesting to see Ketchikan's Mayor Weinstein, whom I voted for, on CNN ragging on the so called "Road to Nowhere".from the bully pulpit.

I was wondering when I was watching, if the Mayor and left wing hack reporter were actually on the Walden Point Road to Nowhere or the Gravina Road?

Seems that the National Media is clueless about the Walden Point Road to Nowhere that was visible from the helicopter that whisked the Mayor and the correspondent of the Clinton News Network, bent on bashing Palin and supporting Obama around the area.

I heard that the pilot overheard the reporter asking - well, what is that ugly scar over there, but was quickly distracted to the Gravina Road.

Hey, National Media, if you are listening - you are on the take from the Obama win at all costs campaign, to bash and trash our community and governor . But, alas you will ask nothing about the Walden Point Road to Nowhere that was visible from your helicopter, where the multi tens of millions of tax dollars have been blown to make a stupid Boondoggle Road out of a small town to move the ferry out of downtown Metlakatla, that now services the people of Metlakatla just fine. Now, the citizens of Metlakatla will have to drive 20 miles to Walden Point to catch the ferry to Ketchikan. The terminal that is in downtown Metlakatla works just fine the way it is.

The road is not even close to being finished after 6 years of torment and 10's of millions of tax dollars poured into it with no end of pork in sight!

This hideous road hacked into a beautiful mountainside, is clearly visible from Google Earth and the EPA had no say in the lands destruction. My question to the National Media is, why no coverage of this Boondoggle Road to Nowhere? And all the focus is on the Gravina Road?

Well, I will tell you why, it is to try to bash Sarah Palin so Obama will get elected plain and simple.

The left wing political hacks at ABC, NBC, CBS, CBC, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, AND A THOUSAND OTHER HACK SITES.

They are hurling the rudest, lowest slime at Sarah Palin & family, which has never been seen in politics ever!

A Florida nut case, disgraced democrat hack Judge that was removed for corruption. Alcee Hastings, said Wednesday that VP candidate Sarah Palin needs people to be wary of her because, "anybody toting guns and stripping moose, don't care too much about what they do with Jews and African Americans".

Now what the hell?? If any Republican said that about Barak, this would be on National News for a week!

But that is the Liberal news you never hear of.

Then, there's the nutty CBC columnist Heather Mallick, who said Todd Palin was a f%$#@$g hillbilly and Sarah was a hooker and all Alaskans are drunken, crazy people and Palin is White trash and other slanderous juvenile nonsense. Think if an American columnist like Bill O'Reilly called Barak Obama, Black trash??

We have never seen such vile attacks in our political history!

Now, they are trying anything to blame the Ponzi Scheme Mortgage meltdown on Bush, McCain and other Republicans, when if you really follow what happened, it is the Democrats Like Barney Frank that repeatedly blocked all oversight of the whole mess and former Fannie Mae Execs. are Obama's "Top Economic Advisors" and should be thrown in the clink!

Why should I bail out any of these crooks? I say let it run its course and those who lose so what!! But what it is, is that all the whining folks who will lose their 401k savings and houses and such, somehow think its up to me to save them.

I have no retirement or healthcare, and if you put your money in those crooked companies, oh well - tough luck!!

No one would shed a tear if I lost all I had, they would just say, hey Tom Ferry made some bad investments in Ketchikan Real Estate and now he's out on the streets, too bad, I still have my cozy taxpayer guaranteed retirement complete with Colas and endless perks.

Well that's how I feel about this meltdown. The Democrats, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are two boneheads that never let John McCain have any oversight. Ask any local banker what happened. They were forced by the Fed's to lower their standards on lending, so all the poor folks could get a home, even if their credit sucked and they could not really afford a home. All that didn't matter to the libs...

Now I might be on the hook for more than a trillion dollars. No one really knows how much it might cost, maybe two trillion.

That means, no Hillary care now, forget it won't happen. They might even have to take away Indian care.

I think McCain is a lot smarter than we give him credit for. He is going to now go in and find out who the culprits are and as we Conservatives know, most of them are thick with Obama. No wonder Obama wants to debate instead of investigate. The truth will come out in a week or so that he is thick as thieves in with the perps that bankrupted America.

We need to grab pitchforks and torches and burn the barons out of their mansions, like Obama's Chief Economic Advisor, Harold Rains who made 90 million dollars as Fannie Mae's, CEO in six years. He's big buddies with Charlie Rangel ,who has millions stashed in illegal offshore tax havens, another crook - Pathetic!

We need a good depression to clear out all the old geezer politicians and banker fraudsters and let honest people take over.

Grab all the scumbags mansions and kick the crooks out on the streets and really take back this country.

Lord, this doesn't even include the 7 billion, we Alaskan taxpayers are on the hook for to bail out the public workers of Alaska Unions.

I say, to hell with all of you!! Get your hand out of my wallet! I can't afford to supplement all these socialist lifestyles anymore.

I challenge anyone to prove I am wrong!

Tom Ferry
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 25, 2008 - Published September 25, 2008



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