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Just the Facts & Questions
By Dan McQueen


October 11, 2006

Fact 1: I own a skiff that has to be licensed on the water and off. I pay a launch fee to the Harbormaster yearly. And I am sure I was told that money is for upkeep to the launching ramp. If I owned a boat that required moorage, I would pay that fee too. With the docks full of boats that pay moorage where does this money go? I would hope that most of it is going to a "Dock Repair Fund". I don't see why anyone who is not a Harbor User would vote for another tax to fix the Docks.

Dave Kiffer brought up a good question or two!

Since the State no longer owns the Ports & Harbors, how much money does the port make on moorage?

What is this money being used for if not Port & Harbor Upkeep?

And why shouldn't any upkeep be paid for by using the moorage fees that are collected?

Why would anyone think that the public as a whole should pay to renovate & upkeep the Ports & Harbors?

I 'spose that soon another try at a sales tax increase is in store to benefit a few paid for by us, the taxed-out taxpayers.

Perhaps Private Ownership would better manage our Ports & Harbors.

At least do it with out a tax! Just raise moorage fees.Make ends meet or put it into private ownership!

Fact 2: And as far as Whitecliff goes, I'm all for tearing it down. But I never envisioned a parking lot. No what I see is a building for just the Seniors and the rest of the lot turned into a handicap accessable park so the Seniors have their own building and mini-park. They deserve it!

Take Care & Good Fishin' To Ya!

Dan McQueen
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 10, 2006 - Published October 11, 2006

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