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Just the Facts
By Dave Kiffer


October 09, 2006


Even though the election is over, the opponents of the White Cliff Center project are still pounding away at it. Unfortunately, they are still using "facts" that aren't.

For example, one of the letter writers insists that the cost of tearing down White Cliff will be the same as the cost to build the new Fawn Mountain School. I sure hope not.

Fawn Mountain cost approximately $14 million. I hope that the letter writer doesn't think it's okay to spend $14 million of your tax dollars to create a parking lot.

Another item that keeps being raised on the issue is the "fact" that it's not fair to require the community at large to pay for something that only benefits some residents.

Since two of the letter writers own boats, I would like to point out that eventually the community will be bonding for several million dollars in deferred harbor repairs that the state left for us when it handed over the harbors in recent years.

Using their own logic, I have to assume that they are completely in favor of having only the stall owners and harbor users pay for those repairs? I would guess not. A wiser person than me once said that it's only a "special" interest if it's someone else's "interest."

By the way, the actual estimated cost to tear down White Cliff School and remediate the site is "only" $4 million. That's still an awful lot to create a parking lot. And since the borough owns the site, it is a cost that we would all have to pay for.

Dave Kiffer
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received October 09, 2006 - Published October 09, 2006

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