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By Mark Neckameyer


October 09, 2006

I was very amused at Mr Warner's calling me a "reactionary" when he points to his Democrats who are his 30% conservative heroes. Including the likes of Henry "Scoop" Jackson, Harry Truman, Herman Talmadge, etc. Those people lived and governed fifty or more years ago and he calls me a reactionary!! Why did he leave out George Washington and Julius Caesar?

Today's Democrat leader like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean are much closer in political philosophy to Che Guevera and Nikita Kruschev than they are to Harry Truman. Today's Democrat party has been hijacked by left-wing kooks who hope to gain power by seducing those who want big government backed by high taxes to support them on the backs of most workers who pay their own way. Democrat voters are heavily welfare mothers, recent poor immigrants who want free health care, the downtrodden, unwashed and uneducated. The exception to this is government workers including teachers and professors like Mr. Warner, off today celebrating Columbus Day while the rest of us work for a living. Civil Service workers generally retire with healthy pensions and generous health benefits at age 55 while the rest of us have to wait until age 67. Is this fair? It does explain their allegiance to "Tax 'em high Democrats" though, doesn't it? Professors get something called tenure after working for a few years after which they have a job for life no mater how goofy, lazy or senile they become. The party of low taxes, the GOP does not sanction this kind of thing, Democrats do and so Mr. Warner becomes an apologist for the Democrats, voting his pocketbook, protecting the party that pays his way.

I was at the gym early this morning. A bunch of us were talking about Columbus Day, kidding about how Mr Columbus was partying at home today to celebrate his birthday as he is too old to go to his favorite pizza parlor. The young clerk at the desk who checks IDs and membership cards heard us talking and remarked excitedly, "Oh my God. Columbus is still alive?!" I don't know what school this kid attends or what his major is but this I know for a fact. He is destined to become a Democrat when he grows up --- for sure!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received October 09, 2006 - Published October 09, 2006

About: "I am a semi retired accountant living in California. I love Alaska for the fishing and outdoor lifestyle and am about a year away from full retirement; plannng to spend as much summer as possible in Alaska."


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