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The Hypocrisy
By Robert D. Warner


October 08, 2006

I am usually amused and entertained by Sitnews letters apparently written by a California based reactionary named Mark Neckameyer. While most of these letters result in a good laugh or two, his recent claim that Democrats are being hypocrites by voicing shock over the outrageous behavior of ex-Rep Mark Foley (R-Fl)is way over the edge.

No political party is responsible for the sick acts allegedly committed by Foley. Democrats and Republicans have every right and obligation, however, to condemn Rep. Foley. If the House Speaker or others in the GOP leadership have tried to cover-up this incident, then Democrats, the FBI, and others have the responsibility to focus blame.

Perhaps Mr. Nickameyer forgets that about 30 per cent of conservative voters in this country are loyal supporters of the Democratic Party. There are many fine Democrats who could hardly be described as radical or flaming liberals. Remember such fine political leaders as Henry Jackson, Harry Truman, G. V. Montegomery, Herman E. Talmadge, and Sam Erving Jr.? We all should remember the beloved conservative John C. Stennis(D-Miss) who was the first Senator to denounce the demagogue Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism.

Sorry Mark, but you are the one expressing hypocricy on this issue in my opinion. Your lack of tolerance for any view outside of the reactionary right is troubling. Do you enjoy writing this recycled GOP nonsense?

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 07, 2006 - Published October 08, 2006

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