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Go East For Development
By Walt Bolling


October 08, 2006

Editor, Sitnews

Consider that the proposed Gravina bridge is taking us in the wrong direction and is NOT the bridge we voted on years back. We voted on a $190 million dollar bridge. We will now pay for a $350 million dollar bridge.

Why did we want a bridge? Well, we were told that it would be at no cost to us and it would open up lands for development. Now we know it will cost us more than we can afford. This community has to compete with all other Alaskan communities for state funds; transportation monies made available to the state are highly prized and competition is zealous. If we put all our share (and some shares of others) into this bridge we can kiss goodby any future funds for many, many other local projects that are going to need legislative support.

Consider as well where the $350 million will go. It will leave this community and state. That bridge will be fabricated in China or somewhere else, our monies will provide jobs, but not here. If the original aim as stated was to open up new lands for development, consider that our home island is perhaps ten times larger than Gravina and we should be building roads east to open up ten times more land. Going east with pioneering will, in my opinion, provide greater opportunity and greater returns to us all. If we pioneer roads here, we have all the raw material on hand. We have local contractors who employ local people who pay taxes. Do the math.

Space and time in writing this letter does not allow a full discussion of all issues involved. Our community needs and deserves an open public discussion on this issue. Contact our City Council and Borough Assembly members and ask them to provide space and time for public re-examination of this urgent and public-interest issue. Write letters to Sitnews and the Ketchikan Daily News. Let's hear from YOU.


Walt Bolling
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 05, 2006 - Published October 08, 2006

About: " 50+ year resident and taxpayer."


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