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Call Dave!
By Charlotte Glover


October 04, 2006

Dear Editor,

As the person who answers the phone numerous times a day in the Kiffer/Glover household, I must disagree with Mr. Stewart's implication that my husband Dave Kiffer is hard to reach and inaccessible to his constituents. Dave is in the phone book and has had the same phone number for two decades with voice mail. His family has had the same phone number for much longer than that. If Mr. Stewart had bothered to look at Dave's Sitnews column, now in its third year, the Borough webpage, or the Historic Ketchikan webpage, he would see that Dave has not one, but three e-mail contacts, in addition to several personal e-mail addresses, and he answers each and every one at the same computer I am typing at now.

People all over the world manage to find Dave through his writing and he keeps up a lively correspondence with many via the Internet. A postcard arrived on his desk years ago addressed to "Red headed radio guy" since our longtime mail carrier knows where to find Dave incomplete address or not!

What Dave does not have is a cool looking website promoting his every viewpoint. I am sure Dave would like a cool website too, but he's too busy working his many jobs, taking his son to soccer and loading the dishwasher for me to get to that just now. Let's just say it's not a high priority on our family "to do" list this week.

I think most everyone who has met my husband or worked with him would agree that he is easy to talk to, a good listener and sincerely interested in hearing what people have to say about the issues of the day. We spent election night with many dear Ketchikan friends at the Landing and we thank each and every one of you for your support and, most of all, your participation in our community. We look forward to answering the phone for the next three years.


Charlotte L. Glover
aka Dave's wife
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 04, 2006 - Published October 04, 2006

About: "Ketchikan resident,librarian, wife and mother."


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