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Maybe the best thing for your health is...
By Rob Glenn


October 31, 2005

Ralph, I once again have to agree with you on the cancer in Ketchikan issue. I, over the last 4 weeks, have been traveling by car through out the country. I took a ferry from Ketchikan to Bellingham and have been driving since. My adventures have taken me through a snow storm in North Dakota and Hurricane Wilma in Florida.

Along the way across the country I stopped and saw a friend who sails on the Great Lakes. He was listening to news of the nation and heard about the "bridge to nowhere." He asked me if I knew where that was going to be, and I was said "yea in the town I used to live." So I showed him a chart of the area and where the bridge was proposed.

A few days later, he called me and asked if I liked Ted Stevens because he was listening to the radio and heard that Ted threw a fit in Congress because a Senator from another state tried to take the money from Ketchikan. What my friend had not realized prior to seeing the chart was that Ketchikan is on an Island and that there were no ways to get out of Ketchikan other then ferry or plane.

Then, the bombshell hits. Readers Digest slams the Ketchikan to Gravina bridge.

There have been billions of dollars of hurricane damage, social and health issues in Ketchikan alone, a war in Iraq where our soldiers are being killed because of lack of armour (including troops from Alaska), and numerous other costly situations. People in a number of states are suffering because of hurricane damage, yet I read many people's reaction to this as: well they chose to live there, and we should not give up our money.

Well my reaction to those people are, if god forbid a natural disaster (earthquake) should ever strike Alaska, would they want federal help, would they want others to assist them. With the attitude of our local and state politicians, why should any one care about Alaska except for oil?

Ralph, I would not expect any politician in Alaska to move quickly on solving any issues other than the ones that for the last 80 years they have been pushing. Ted and Don don't care about you, they care about their friends and money lining their pockets. All that can be done is get new, younger people into their spots. Call for Ted to resign as he threatens, and get people who know what is going on in today's day and age into office. What people forget is that when you have public officials in office so long, they don't realize what is really going on in the world. The get taken out of the real world. Bush Sr. did not realize that there were scanners for bar codes, is just one example.

Good luck Ralph, and maybe the best thing to do is leave Ketchikan for your own health!

Rob Glenn
Formerly of Ketchikan, AK


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