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Fix the water problem
By Ralph Mirsky


October 28, 2005

Let's talk priorities: For those out there that don't know yet, we just made the November issue of Readers Digest, " Fleecing your tax dollars and the Bridge to Nowhere"

I see a grand opportunity here for increased tourism, free advertisement and thus, the Visitors Bureau won't have to spend as much money that they have budgeted for this year to promote K-Town. People will come to see not only the bridge but to take a look at the "Small fishing village that caters to Cruise Ship tourism" and us the people that live here, as we'll be more of a novelty then what we've been in the past.

So, let's take the money saved from this free advertisement, put it along with some of the increased passenger fee money that we will get from this free promo advertising (Money that according to Marty West is to be used for upland development) take some of the bridge money and finally some KPU designated tax dollars and build/develop a water filtration plant. Not a band aid fix but a filtration plant that will make this community's water safe to drink not only for us but for the tourists that come here by the hundreds of thousands every year. After all, and please correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't the City sell our drinking water to the Cruise Lines when their ships are here?

I've already expressed my feelings about cancer in this community as I for one suffer from it. And I dare say I doubt there is a person in this community that hasn't been touched by someone here that either suffers from, or has died from this dreaded disease.

Fix the water problem then debate the other issues. I guarantee you, the bridge, dock expansion and tourism won't matter if, god forbid, one of you otherwise healthy individuals end up diagnosed with cancer.

Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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