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Front Page Photo: Shaggy Manes
By Penny Eubanks


October 25, 2005
Tuesday PM

I was very pleased to see a picture of shaggy manes on Sitnews front page. I have been an avid mushroom hunter for years and have prided myself in the ability to find an edible even in metropolitan parks! I have wished since moving back to Ketchikan that there was a mycological society here. In the lower states large mushroom expos coordinated by mycological societies would take place in the spring and fall, making it easier to identify wild species rather than rely on pictures in manuals.

So far in Ketchikan I have not been lucky enough to find anything but shaggy manes and a few angels' wings, other than years ago I found one specimen of King Boletus in old growth timber. I would love to see pictures of other edible species of Ketchikan if anyone out there is familiar with other varieties.

Shaggy manes is one of the first mushrooms I show a beginning collector as it is the easiest to identify once familiar with its various stages of maturity. Gathering food from nature is one of the most rewarding pleasures of rural living.
Penny Eubanks
Plaza Operations Manager
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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'Lawyer's Wig' - Wild fungi offer unusual beauty during the fall. The shaggy mane, or lawyer's wig, can be easily found during October all around Ketchikan - not surprising as they are most abundant with fall rains. - More...
Front Page Photo By Chris Wilhelm




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