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By Jennifer Brewer


October 07, 2005
Friday PM

As usual, someone from "Outside" thinks they know what's going on in Alaska better than those of us who live here do.

Alaska Airlines "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" was funded by a Federally backed grant from the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board. The economy of Alaska depends on resource development. Resource development includes fisheries. Wild salmon fisheries are having to compete with farmed fish from south, thus driving the price of salmon so low that many fishing families can't survive. Marketing Alaska wild salmon is a concentrated effort to salvage an Alaska way of life, so you "southerners" can enjoy keep on enjoying frsh caught wild salmon from Alaska.

The "Bridge to Nowhere" would connect us with two islands that will allow Ketchikan to grow, (we live on an island surrounded by mountains. There's nowhere else to go,)as well as have access to our only route out of twon; the airport. Do you pay $5 everytime you want to go to the airport? And that's to walk across. Carrying two pieces of luggage and a carry-on is a real pain. Otherswie, you'll spend $24 to drive on the ferry. And that doesn't include parking.

We pay federal taxes here too and receive very little return on our money; from down south.

But we'll keep on sending you our oil, fish, gold, and logs to be consumed and used, by "southerners".

Jennifer Brewer
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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