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The Flying Mullet
By Bob Ciminel


October 05, 2005

We Southerners were overjoyed to learn that Alaska Airlines received a $500,000 grant to paint a King Salmon on one of its 737s. This is only one of the many Pork Barrel projects being funded by the recently passed transportation bill. Y'all really faked us out. Here we were carping (no pun intended) about the proposed "Bridge to Nowhere" and now we learn that was just a smokescreen to hide what you were really doing up there in the Far North.

I think y'all have started a trend. Pretty soon we'll be seeing flying crabs, flying crawfish, flying catfish, and who knows what else. Once our four major airlines get out of bankruptcy down here in the Lower 48, we'll learn if pigs really can fly.

Bob Ciminel
Roswell, GA - USA


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Monday - October 03, 2005



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