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Salmon Thirty Salmon
By Andrew Gichard


October 07, 2005
Friday PM

Mr. Ciminel I have read your letter in response to the Alaska Airlines Salmon Thirty Salmon, and found your letter to be rather erroneous.

First of all, the federal grant was not a part of the "recently passed transportation bill". The project was funded by a local nonprofit agency, the Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board. The money was given to Alaska Airlines from a federal funding bill that is being utilized for boosting the State of Alaska s hurting commercial fishing industry. The Salmon Thirty Salmon has a several fold purpose:

1. To show that the state of Alaska has fresh Wild Salmon. Alaska Airlines is the medium used to transport the Wild Salmon to the lower 48.

2. The Alaska commercial fishing industry has taken a rather large loss, due to the development of farmed fish, and foreign fish as well. The flying fish will show the rest of the nation that the state of Alaska s commercial fishing industry will come back from a small bump in the road.

3. The flying fish will also serve a large role of promoting Wild Alaska Seafood.

Let me give you some quick facts Mr. Ciminel. The following is from the State of Alaska website.

Seafood is an important driver of Alaska s export markets, accounting for $1.4 billion or 52 percent of the state s total export market. The U.S. has significantly increased its appetite for seafood, in particular salmon, as consumption of fresh and frozen salmon fillets have increased 15 percent annually, according to the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. ASMI s price-tracking program shows increased prices for all salmon species in 2005.

I urge you, Mr. Ciminel, and others who are curious about this "pork barrel spending" project to dig a little bit deeper. I have included the links to the websites that state the information that will explain what has really gone on here.

As for your comments about whether pigs can fly, you had better have your facts straight before you enter into a debate and start making accusations that have no grounds. Alaska Airlines is a great airline, and if you have not noticed they are not in bankruptcy. They are adapting to the changes in the industry. Heaven forbid that airlines make it in the tough times that we are trying to go through. I would offer encouragement to Alaska Airlines, and to the State of Alaska for trying to turn their commercial fish market.

Andrew Gichard
Eagle River, Alaska - USA


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