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Vote Dawn Allen-Herron
by Judy Jenkinson


October 25, 2004

I am pleased to have a choice in the November elections. I am happy to see some new faces in the political arena as, I believe, it indicates a healthy democracy. It is great to see quality candidates like Dawn Allen-Herron, step forward to serve the community.

Dawn Allen-Herron will do an excellent job for us, as Marty West has pointed out, in her letter to the editor in the last Week-End edition of the Ketchikan Daily News.

I would only add that Dawn would do so by representing us in open meetings with her approachable attitude. I prefer to elect her as someone who will not be a "good ol' boy," like her opponent, who would operate from a smoke-filled room, behind closed doors. I really value her ability to represent us in the halls of Juneau in open debate with honesty and sincerity. Dawn's constructive outlook will allow all of the people to be represented and not just the 'boys' in the back room.

Let's get behind Dawn Allen-Herron and select a representative with strength, commitment and class.

Judy Jenkinson
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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