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Support Dawn Allen-Herron For State House
by Marty West


October 25, 2004

Dear Editor,

I support Dawn Allen-Herron. There are many reasons but let me give one that illustrates the way she works. Bipartisan? How about quint-partisan?

In the early 90's, the state was making annual cuts to public broadcasting. The Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission, after years cutting everyone equally, decided on a plan that would give some stations enough money for an orderly closure. One the block: Petersburg and Wrangell with Ketchikan and Sitka likely on the short list for the following year.

Conventional wisdom would fold those stations in with the largest station in the region. Creative thinking and cooperation were called for.

Five stations in Southeast formed CoastAlaska. Dawn was the first President. There were ten people representing five communities; five different missions, ten different visions with at least twenty ideas how to get there. And we got there through strong leadership.

Dawn kept everyone moving in the same direction, toward the same goal. Through many meetings, teleconferences, and emails she encouraged compromise when compromising made sense and she stood her ground when that was the right road to take.

Dawn made sure everyone was heard. She led discussions and settled arguments. She encouraged new ideas and new ways of doing business. She was the leader in a room full of leaders.

The result is five strong public broadcasting stations working together in Southeast. CoastAlaska developed alternative revenue plans, consolidated jobs, found economies, and kept the stations true to their mission in the communities.

I know she will do the same in the House. She will stand her ground for us. She won't follow any party line if it's not in the best interest of District One. She's smart, she listens, and she can get things done. I encourage you to support Dawn Allen-Herron for State House.

Marty West
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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