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My Apologies
by Penny Eubanks


October 16, 2004

My apologies to Karen Hollywood regarding an associated cost being assessed to her sons for weekday non-profit school fundraising sales in the Plaza commons area. I am the center's Manager and unfortunately I was out sick on the Monday that she states they were told by Plaza Management that any further sales in the Plaza commons area would result in an assessed charge for table use. Whomever provided them with this information was in error.

The Plaza allows non-profit group fundraising tables to be placed in our commons area at no charge, although the use request does need to be coordinated through the Management office. We often are able to accommodate these requests on spur of the moment, but prefer advance requests.

Once again my apologies to Karen and her sons, if she will contact me at the Plaza I would be more than happy to make arrangements in the Plaza commons to accommodate her sons school fundraising efforts.


Penny Eubanks
Plaza Manager
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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