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Thank You
by Karen S. Hollywood


October 15, 2004

This letter is multi-purpose: First, to thank all those of you in this community that have been helping with all the school fund raisers. My boys have spent many hours in bad weather to sell gifts, magazines and CD's for two schools this year, and it's nice to know so many of you have been kind to them. I have been told you have given them tips and money for hot cocoa, told them they "are true Alaskans" (they ARE!), and have generously ordered many things from them. Thank you.

Second: To Tatsudas Grocery Store: Thank you for allowing my boys to stand outside of your store and sell for the schools. They were trying to sell enough to earn some of the prizes offered in the programs, and you gave them a place to do it. A couple of mall employees were kind enough to set them up with a table on the weekend, but on Monday they were told by management they'd have to pay if they wanted to continue. Our BIG discount store told the boys they'd have to arrange it a week or more ahead of time and fill out some kind of 'contract'... (maybe they needed to get clearance from Arkansas? Last year an employee said they needed premission from Ark. to turn down the thermostat).

And a HUGE Thank you to the officer that took the report from the boys outside of Tatsudas after Dion was robbed (yes, can you believe it? Taking $ from a 10 yr old kid!) You gave my son $20.00 out of your own pocket to replace the money stolen from him. THAT is above and beyond the call of duty. I'm sorry they didn't get your name. I'd like to have called your captain and told him of it. You ARE an officer and a gentleman.

Last: Jesse, Doug and Dion: you kids worked so hard, I wanted to thank you for the Cd certificates and prizes you earned and share with us. You have helped your schools in a way that should not be your responsibility. Jesse, you HAVE found your 'calling'. You and Dion work well together. And A BIG 'thank you' to Doug for doing their chores so they could take off and sell every day. You boys are good, and I am proud of you.

Karen S. Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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