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Re: Sneaky
by Ken Lewis


October 16, 2004

Jeepers Mark, you are going to blow my stereo type of Californians. Only sensitive people have the right to speak of another's kid. You may need sensitivity training. And from what I understand if one of the candidates is elected there will be government sponsored sensitivity training for registered Republicans. This was according to a Free-press release.

The Free press is also urging people to sign form letters online to stop the Documentary Stolen Honor that is to be aired the night before the election. The suppression of Sinclair broadcasting by what is known as a free press seems a bit odd, but once you take sensitivity courses you will understand why Michael Moore should be heard and a dozen POWs should shut their pie hole.

Affecting the outcome of elections is getting wild as heck. This makes me wonder if we are viewed as suckers or if we are in fact suckers.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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