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Sneaky Attack by Kerry
by Mark Neckameyer


October 15, 2004

John Kerry bringing up Dick Cheney's daughter being a lesbian during the debate??! Where in the world did that out of line, sneaky attack by Kerry come from? What do they say about people who live in glass houses not throwing stones? Candidate families and some decently private aspects of even the candidate's lives have always been immune from attack unless there is a compelling news story like a criminal record hidden somewhere. The Vice President's daughter lives a different but quite legal personal life so this was an obvious attempt to try to sully the Vice President. Kerry clearly attempt to embarrass the Vice-president in front of his socially conservative base.

Are all personal avenues of attack open now because of what John Kerry did? George Bush is a nicer person than I would be after an abomination like that. I would respond in kind.

John Kerry is divorced. What were the reasons for the divorce? Kerry's ex-wife reportedly had mental illness and depression problems. Did he do anything to cause those problems? How did he handle her mental illness or did he just dump her?

John Kerry had prostate cancer which was reporteded, he won't release full medical records but was reportedly successfully treated. Prostate cancer treatments commonly cause impotence. How do Senator Kerry and his much older wife deal with that problem? Shouldn't the American people know if their potential President suffers from anxiety caused by sexual frustration?

Senator Edward's wife has obviously gained quite a bit of weight recently. How does this affect their sex lives? Do they make love as often as they did before she became fat?

Kerry's daughters are attractive, single women. What are their sexual histories? What are their favorite sexual positions and how many lovers have they had? The voting public should not have to wait for him to be elected to learn these important facets of Kerry family life. Let's ask him to discuss it on television like the Senator Edwards did with regard to Vice-President Cheney's daughter last week

OK, I am exaggerating a little but the Democrats, Senators Edwards and Kerry in particular, are practicing a form of political terrorism. Something must be done about this. At the minimum they should receive a proper wave of revulsion from the public. Of course they must apologize. And you know, as punishment, maybe they should have to answer the questions I posed above,

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


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