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Demand program funding for kids who need help
by Susan Bachant


October 12, 2004

I agree with Mr Branco's comments about not blaming the physicians for the death of one of our local teens. I know that when someone leaves us so unexpectedly we try to look for answers to help us deal with our loss. The answer is not in blaming our local physicians who work so hard to heal us. It is not with the pharmacy companies who create a medication that has great potental to help our loved ones who are in pain. The blame lies with the teenager who knowingly took something that he knew he was not suppose to. It lies with the drug dealer who found a way to make a profit out of other's misery.

We can pass all the laws in the world, and remove from the shelves all the drugs that are misused and we will still have this problem. It will continue until our kids tell the dealers NO. Until they learn that it is NOT cool to get high. Our community leaders felt it was more important to have a community arts center, than to teach our children how to say NO to drugs, NO to the dealers, and NO to peer pressure. While I agree that an arts center would also give these teens something to do and something to get involved in other than drugs, I don't agree that it should have come at the expense of our children.

I feel for the family who has suffered this terrible loss. It is a parent's worst nightmare. My daughter knew him and thought highly of him. I hope that the kids that knew him will do something positive and encourage their friends to say "Just say NO". I hope those kids who are currently abusing drugs will take a second look at their future and decide to seek help. I also hope that the people of this community will go to our community leaders and demand that programs like ADFY be funded so the kids who need help can get it.

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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