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OXYCONTIN: A Plague in Ketchikan
by Wayne Beaupre


October 08, 2004

A young man dies... a young women becomes a felon for stealing money, a father is watched by his young children as the police arrest him and another young man arrested for a death... what do these scenarios have in common? The oxycontin plague affecting our community!

Yes, it is a plague - have NO doubt of that. This highly addictive drug requires huge amounts of money to maintain it. Forcing the addicts to steal, lie and cheat to get that money. I feel a large proportion of the thefts in this community are by oxycontin addicts.

The crimes associated with this drug pale in comparison to its health affects though - such as organs completely shutting down. Users of oxycontin are primarily smoking it which delivers a dosage in minutes that normally taking it orally, delivers over 24 hours. Kidneys and the liver are damaged very quickly and a lot of young people in this town are going to die young because of this.

Where does oxycontin come from? Some are bought illegally down south and smuggled into Ketchikan but a lot of it is prescribed by local doctors. I sure would like to know what doctors in this town prescribe the most oxycontin.

These pills are sold illicitly for at least $100.00 a pill. That's good incentive for a legal oxycontin user to sell off his or her monthly supply.

I think these pills NEED to be taken off the local market. You doctors who are prescribing it, NEED to find an alternative painkiller. Communities down south are increasingly only prescribing oxycontin for hospital patients only. Maybe this needs to be adopted here? Prescribers of oxycontins are indirectly responsible for a lot of sadness and suffering in our community. Oxycontin, regardless of what the medical community thinks, creates more harm than good. Stop the madness now!

Wayne Beaupre
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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