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RE: Express your dissatisfaction
by Marvelle Lahmeyer


October 02, 2004

Thank you Bill Thomas for your most eloquent observations of Ms. Edenso letter dated Sept. 17th.

As a past KIC Tribal Council member, past KIC employee and friend of Naomi's I would like to add my opinion to the fracas that was caused by her unjust termination from employment with KIC.

My personal observation of her job performance was that she was a very professional, responsible employee, and I've never know her to be a greedy person, quite the opposite in fact. I spent many hours with her in the boardroom listening to her monthly reports to the tribal council board of directors, and observing her with her staff. Her loss of employment, benefits and salary was much more than what is being paid to her. The CEO that passed down the job of firing her is long gone so who do you blame and punish, the messenger? It's a moot point.

I worked for KIC for three years and the majority of the staff and tribal council members at KIC are VERY hard working ethical people. It's a shame that a KIC member feels the need to attack like a shark and not only try to undermine others thinking but try to cast doubts or misconceptions in the minds of others. Shame!

My opinion is that several excellent staff members were unjustly fired and now through divine justice they have been somewhat reimbursed for their unfair treatment. Precedence was set years ago and not with the firing of Namoi and other excellent staff. I think that she and another terminated female employee are just the first to be dragged through the mud and rain just because someone was jealous (meaning: resentful and envious, as of someone's success)

KIC is a wonderful successful tribal entity that all KIC members should be proud of. Over the past two decades I have watched the tribal council and staff successfully negotiate the clinic contract, build the clinic, acquire land for a landless tribe and build programs that have grown and benefit not only the tribal members but the entire community of Ketchikan.

As Ms. Edenso says "Yes KIC members you do need to vote," but pick your candidates carefully, and remember that candidates without a Criminal Record: Clean and Sober: and that have an Education are better suited for the job.

Most Sincerely,

Marvelle Lahmeyer
Poulsbo, WA - USA


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