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Re: Why is it like this?
by Lilian Filanis


October 02, 2004

Sir: Lily Katz asked why moderate Muslims do not speak out against the terrorist brutality being committed in the name of that great religion and the answer from Leila Kheiry went like, "Look, there are bad Catholics who are pedofiles" - not mentioning the Catholic Church is trying very had to get rid of them. She also points to violent Israeli police and Israeli anti terror laws that hold Muslim terror suspects in jail for six months as a reason Muslims cut off so many heads, blow up school buses, etc.

This type of thing validates Ms Katz' theory in the first place.  The killings all over the world by terrorist Islamists are vastly more destructive, bloody and awful than holding possible terrorists for a few months in jail.  OK, so Muslims are mad about some issues but so are Kurds, Armenians, American Indians, Jews, African Americans, etc. and they don't hijack planes, slash the attendants' throats and then go on to kill 3,000 people.  And this is not an aberration either. Look what they did to those poor little school kids in Russia!  They shot toddlers in the back in the name of Allah. They did!  If we did not stop them, spending billions of tax dollars to do it, they would kill millions more innocent people.  Just yesterday one of the Muslim religious leader said, "It is the duty of all Muslims to kill Christians and Jews, as many as possible."  I and many people I know, curse Muslim terrorists every time we get stuck in one of those long, slow lines at the airport.  What did we do to them to make them try to kill us?  Mad at Israeli police?  Go fight with them.
Leila Kheiry should start speaking up against terrorism as a Muslim, I assume she is one from her name and answers. Criticizing Catholics and others for minor issues amounts to defending the murderers unless that is what she means to do.  What did she say, "Muslim countries are a little backward.".  Yeah, and a lot murderous!
Lilian Filanis
Fairbanks, AK - USA


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