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Why is it like this?
by Lily Katz


September 27, 2004

Sure there was Christian violence during the Crusades but that was a Dark Age thing. A thousand years have past and it seems that all of civilization has progressed except for the blood thirsty Islamist terrorist states and groups and it is probably up to the moderate, modern Muslims to do something about the problem. I have not heard anything from them except for a little help ... finally from Pakistan.

There was a nutty Christian individual, maybe a couple of them, who blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma and there are maybe a few Christian nuts who murder abortion doctors but only in Islam do you find legions of school bus bombers, flight attendant throat cutter types and suicide bombers in so many places. Muslims stone women for adultery in some countries, murder daughters for dating without permission, chop heads in Iraq, the Philippines and elsewhere, beat women for not wearing veils, forbid women to drive or go to school in some countries. You have to admit that there is a problem there!

If only one or two Muslims countries acted like this we could say, "well, it is a violent culture, a primitive nation and the religion is not to blame". If most or all Muslim countries with a billion subjects, not citizens of course as they are not free, are rife with bloodletting, decapitation, crimes against women, then it must be, at least probably has something to do with the religion especially as the religion runs the schools, provides most of the leaders, etc. There are many Muslim nations in the world. Name some democracies. Except maybe for Turkey marginally, there are none. Why? Even Pakistan, our ally, hanged its prime minister not long ago and is a military dictatorship. In Saudi Arabia, another "ally" of ours, the punishment for conversion to Christianity is death ... by decapitation naturally. Saudi is the protector of Mecca and is supposedly the most "pure" Muslim nation. Talk about religious freedom guys! What do moderate Muslims say to the Saudis about religious freedom?

Why is it like this?

Lily Katz
Seattle, Washington



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